Eclipsing BinaryTraversing space and time singing about the cosmos society and love.

AGE: 43

Location: Montreal, QC
columns background
My whole life I've been a very curious person about the nature of the universe, the mind, love and people.

Grew up in Medellín, Colombia in the 1990s as a skateboarder and punk rocker in a place and time where these two things were not understood and considered dangerous and evil.

People didn't know in what bucket to put me since I was also a straight A student with a scholarship to a private high school and held the highest GPA of the school. I was very misunderstood by almost everyone except a couple of friends who influenced me in rock and skateboards.

My parents, seeing that I had interested in music, gave me an acoustic guitar at the age of 14 and quickly started learning and writing my own songs. Mostly simple chords and lyrics. Then moved to electric guitars, effect pedals and amps and continued writing.

As I started growing older and my music influences started getting broader I started to put my thoughts about the universe, the mind, love and people into my music.

Moved to Montreal, Canada at the age of 22, and participated in many bands and got loads of stage experience playing in many local bars and festivals.

Many years later, at the age of 43, I'm still writing songs. They've accompanied me through good and bad times and have connected me to the people that I hold most dear.

With this, I continue to traverse space and time singing, about the cosmos, society and love.

Eclipsing Binary was born in 2016 as a solo project after having had many failed attempts at having bands and realizing that no one around me felt the music the way I felt it.

Influeced by bands like At The Drive In, Thursday, Glassjaw and others, I went deep into my consciense and heart and poured onto my music.

Wrote songs from blues to jazz to punk rock to metal and decided that I didn't need to be defined by one sound. I like and play all sorts of music.

Relased 2 EPs. Constant Turnover Of Matter in 2017 and The Quest For Meaning in 2019. Then broke the EP model to release concepts. The Imagined Futures trilogy, the Non-Dystopian trilogy and currently releasing the Bard Spells series of songs.

In 2019 I left the Web2 platforms and went to venture into the crypto space for creators and now I'm embedded in the Web3 Music and Video space.
During this time I also expanded into the visual arts helping adorn my music with some weirdness.

We'll have to see where music brings me next.
I plan to use the prize to buy software to help me better produce my songs. This will benefit other projects I'm involved in as well. It will help me cover subscriptions to sites like Bonfire.xyz that could aid me in the development of my music career and business. To pay for things like strings, cables and gear that could be useful in furthering my creativity.

Also, to fund gas for my NFT drops 😝
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